Mobile app profiler with synchronized UI video

Optimize your mobile application for faster performance and enhanced responsiveness. Identify and address performance bottlenecks in your mobile app.

Only Android native apps are currently supported.

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Context is key! Understand what’s happening in your mobile app and precisely when it occurs. With CriticalPath, you can record a trace file synchronized with a screen recording of your app’s UI, eliminating the need for tedious searches to pinpoint issues.

Critical Path

The critical path highlights the dependencies between functions to identify performance bottlenecks in multi-threaded environments. It allows you to see the order of execution of functions as a result of a user action and identify what is slowing down the response.

Automatic Instrumentation

You don’t need to manually instrument your code. Our plugin will take care of the hard work for you. Instrumentation has minimal impact on performance. Our intelligent filtering will eliminate non-essential data, enabling you to pinpoint critical performance insights.

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Instrumenting Your App

Recording a Trace

Features Overview

Execution Path

Video Synchronization

Tips For Finding Insights

Comparison With Other Tools

CriticalPathAndroid Studio ProfilerPerfetto
Video-trace synchronization
Automatic instrumentation
Smart trace filtering
Execution path
Learning curveReady for entry-level familiarity with code and instrumentationRequires expert-level coding experience and extensive familiarity with the toolRequires mid-level coding experience, but requires instrumentation expertise
Instrumentation overheadMinimalIntensiveVaries
Instrumentation resultsSmart filtersOverwhelmUnderwhelm
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